PUNK Game community servers

About PUNK

Before PUNK we already had a Rust server what was a big success early 2017 under the name RUSTNL.EU and later Rustyworld. Because of lack of time we moved the server idle on the background knowing that we will start again at some point. That point came in early 2020 where we started to get in love with dayZ. Played on many servers what was not satisfying for us.

We decided to build a new community named PUNK. 3 months of building, testing we came at the point where we are now. Combined with the rust server we can call ourselves a community. The PUNK community.

Our goal is not to get big quickly. Our goal is to build a friendly community where players build with us towards something where we feel at home. The influence of players is very important to us. We would like to hear what your experience is positive or negative and something on which we can build further.


We have an extensive range of cars and helicopters. All traders have a safe zone except for the black market. There are numerous self-made areas. Even as an experienced player you will discover many new things. Our goal is to make as few rules as possible, a number of rules are necessary to bring clarity to the game. Therefore, read the rules before playing.


Rust is based on vanilla and suitable for beginning players. Bases don't have decay and this server is extremly fit for players who like to build. The amount of helicopters are higher then on a normal vanilla server.


We constantly working on improvements. If you have skills that can help us, with our players, to get us to a higher level. Feel free to contact us.